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Sam Harris, Dean Obeidallah with Don Lemon on CNN

Yesterday, Sam Harris and Dean Obeidallah had at each other on CNN, hosted by Don Lemon. The video can be viewed here. For the after-shocks, however, please view the Twitter timelines of either of the guest speakers. The topic was ‘Is Islam inconsistent with American constitution’, which was chosen in the backdrop of US presidential … Continue reading

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Does Islam Glorify or Condemn Ashley Madison Hackers?

Recently, (an infidelity website that allows married people to find sexual partners and have an affair), was hacked. The hackers then dumped the entire database of about 33 million accounts, comprising of details about the sexual proclivities of its subscribers, online. The hackers did this only after a fair warning to the owners of … Continue reading

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Militant Atheism, may be a ‘necessary work hazard’ for Scientists!

I just went through Lawrence M. Krauss’s succinct article ‘All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists’ in which he builds a smart case for brandishing ‘Militant Atheism’ by all scientists. It is a nuanced piece characterized by charming repartee, that enlightens the reader about the necessity of being ‘militant’ (as in aggressive and iconoclastic), when it … Continue reading