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A Mujahid’s Ode to God of War

In Islam, a Mujahid (مجاهد) is a person who strives in the way of His Lord. Classically, it usually refers to soldiers who fight for the cause of Allah. I know this word is one of those that are most often misused by anyone who thinks he is fighting for the cause of Allah. But herein, I am speaking on behalf of only those, who are actually considered Mujahideen (plural of Mujahid), by Allah Almighty.

Below is a poem I’ve written to radiate the inner most feelings of a Mujahid towards Allah, when he embarks on a campaign…..

We though love God of Peace, We rave the God of War
Who dwells in trenches meek, with soldiers dugout far

Who stands by men of faith, when walls of steel they frill
Who hurls when these men throw, Who slays when such men kill

Who smites with burly blow, and thumps with vengeful woe
On those who reject Him, and then do Him befoe

Who bought our lives n wealth, in return for a’tranquil’bode
So that we sell it all, to toil and lock n load

We love Him when he speaks at length on how to kill
And how to separate, the necks n tips from tips:

:Of all those evil men who ganged up all their might
Against the Prophet last, the One with timeless sight

The One who brought to life the tradition of fight
And through the combat scheme, fulfilled ‘Let there be Light’

Who stuns with gruesome frown, then guns ‘The Evil’ down
Then braves His faithful slaves, then ‘dorns them with the crown

The Crown of Vicegerent, then guides them how to steer
But only ‘Those’ of them, who ne’er wish it to wear

The God who’s in waylay, for every wicked soul
I know this fact is harsh, but ’tis just what he told

Who’s 6th in every five, n 4th in every three
With every black and white, ‘mong every slave and free

Who when the evil schemes, He plans and plots and moves
Extends their leash a bit, ’cause He’s so sure of His moves

Who makes them spend and spend, and vest in evil course
And then when they are done, leaves them but to- Remorse!

I wish to seek His Grin, that promised giggly grin
that He bestoweth to those, who fight with no odds to win

I wish to bow to Him, the day He reveals The Shin
Whence no such man can kneel, who’d been a man of sin

O’ Lord of Swords and Guns, O’ Lord of Kingdom Come
We wait ‘mid sweat and blood, ‘Decree!’, Thy work be done


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