Quran & Sunnah

Interpretation was CHEMICAL to the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم)

This article is overly subjective. So please do not approach me to prove it objectively. Not because I can’t, but because I won’t. It is not something, the acceptance or denial of anyone’s belief relies upon. So if you like it – accept it. And if you don’t – please feel free to move on!

In my opinion, ‘Interpretation’ of the Holy Quran was ‘Chemical’ to the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم, which means Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him). Allow me to expound….

Just like when two chemical agents react with each other to produce a third, with such propensity and surety, that if you combine them a million times over, they will yield the intended product, without fail; it was just like that in matters of Quranic Interpretation for the Holy Prophet. Whenever a verse was revealed, it reacted with Holy Prophet’s nature, thereby disintegrating into beneficial products. It was like metabolism: Just like when we eat food, the process of digestion separates all the beneficial ingredients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins etc. and transports them to their places of use in the body, all happening in an automated manner; whenever a verse was revealed, it was metabolized into Injunctions, Advice, Guidance etc. by the Holy Prophet like clockwork: with only the difference that the organ responsible for this kind of digestion was his ‘Heart’.

Just like if there are impurities in the stomach, the process could be corrupted or impeded, in a manner that it starts producing unintended byproducts: Holy Prophet’s heart needed to be in pristine condition, too. It was because of this, that his heart was ‘washed’ more than once, communicated to us through the traditions narrating ‘شق صدر’. In order to calibrate Holy Prophet’s heart, so that any inference should be the intended inference, Allah did this great blessing on him and us, so that the deviation between ‘letter’ and its ‘spirit’ – is nullified.

And just like, honey bees employ ‘Regurgitation’ to produce honey – which is a process in which many animals bring stomached food back into their mouths to aid in metabolization by chewing it over and over, thereby obtaining many other benefits like feeding to the young etc. – the Holy Prophet also resorted to ‘Regurgitation’, which in this case was ‘Repeated Recitation’ of the revealed verses, so that ‘honey‘ could be produced. This method was prescribed for him by our Lord, so that every single ‘protein’ and ‘vitamin’ therein can be separated for a people, who were possessing weak and un-cleansed hearts, thereby bereft of the capability to do so. And just like digestion is best during times of sleep, so is this Quranic Metabolism. It was therefore, made compulsory for the Holy Prophet to remain awake a significant portion of the night and regurgitate it again and again, so that no jewel remains undiscovered. I am making this point detailed, because it still is the only way of making discoveries from the Holy Quran, in my humble opinion. Devouts and Sagacious, who ponder day and night on the Holy Quran to seek the will of their Lord, their journey will be eased and expedited by this practice. The verses of our Lord are so condensed and concentrated with divine guidance, that only a lot of recitation will dilute and unlock it for us to benefit from. So memorize the Holy Quran, and regurgitate it, when the people sleep!

But there’s a convoluted relationship between the heart and the mind. Till the time we discover the exact coefficients of this relationship, only this can be stated with absolute certainty that there is a relationship between them. The mind influences the deductions made by our heart in some manner. Thus in order to keep the heart of the Holy Prophet functioning optimally, the only way was to keep the mind unadulterated, untouched by prevailing doctrines containing varied proportions of misconceptions, and all of them allegedly attributed to the Lord. A thing which, in my perception was achieved through keeping him an ‘Ummi’ (أُمِّيَّ) i.e. unfamiliar with Allah’s previously revealed Law. Because, had he not been screened from it, the journey to inferring Allah’s Will would have required much more discrete effort.

Therefore, after these discrete and comprehensive arrangements had been employed, Allah instructed us to trust the judgement of the Holy Prophet in matters of religion, as in blindly. Not blindly as in unable to see, but rather, as in trusting someone’s intellect and capability that was endorsed by the Lord Himself, leading us to believe his judgement more than our own.

وَمَا يَنْطِقُ عَنِ الْهَوَى () إِنْ هُوَ إِلَّا وَحْيٌ يُوحَى

And nor does he speak driven by any desire() It is not but revelation revealed.


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